Anonymous asked: are you dating anyone?

Yea and she is awesome as fuck.

crystal0rchid asked: I've got such a font/calligraphy boner right now.. Are any of these fonts available? x

I don’t use fonts :-(

I do stuffs with ma handz

shes-a-mermaiid asked: love your work! just wondering, what influences you in your designs? :)

Kanye West - Welcome to the Good Life

warholworship asked: helloooo :) i am obessed with your works, youre so very talented! im wondering is there any site where i can find a higher resolution so i can use em for my ipad wallpaper? sorry if i come off as annoying

I don’t know why you thought you came off as annoying, but you didn’t. I don’t put up high resolutions because I did once and I think someone stole the design and used it on a shirt. But I promise I will specifically make some designs for people to use soon :)

Anonymous asked: What/who are your influences?


Anonymous asked: How did you meet your girlfriend?

Through the power of OMEGLE! and we are going strong :)

crush-edbones asked: I love your designs. Type is always really nice


joshbaileymusic asked: Your work is amazing, and the prints in your lettering set are gorgeous, and inspiring. I would love to purchase prints of some of them and hang them in my house. Is there any way that I could do that?

Thanks brother! and not at the moment because of my small living condition, I can’t find a spot to use my screen press, but I will soon :) you have a good day

zeppelll asked: Your blog is beaut xxx

THANK YOU! :-) you have great taste in music btw

chl0e-ruthless asked: Your blog is BEAUTIFUL